How To Use Video started as a reference for myself when I first wanted to have videos on my websites.

I wanted to know everything about making videos that can help my websites perform better and keep people coming back to my sites.

I did courses and lessons and learned a bit here and there. The focus of the teaching varies and I found some ideas relevant to blogs and others really only relevant for ecommerce, and I wanted to sort them out.

I also wanted to learn more about the right sizes and formats for the web and to find the best equipment and software to use for this purpose that would be cost-effective.

Sometime’s it’s worth spending more to make things easier but not every website needs the same level of technology and some website videos need to be made quickly and efficiently with the most basic epquipment, but they still need to convey the right message and keep my visitors interested.

I started to examine the tools of the trade, and on this site I hope to share reviews of cameras, lights, holders, balancers tripods and camera accessories as well as video editing software.

You’ll find examples of my own projects and ideas with updates. My hope is that these will inspire and help you to make videos for your own sites that you’ll be proud to share on social media.